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UK Chess Challenge Megafinal

Saturday, 14th May, 2016

This weekend, some of our members (and an ex-member!) attended the UK Chess Challenge Rockingham Megafinal; here are their results:

BRTO  Briony Tomkins          DLLWDW = 3.0/6 "U17 Girls winner"

ANTO Aneurin Tomkins DWLWDW = 4.0/6
EMRO Emily Rowe LLLLDL = 0.5/6 "U15 Girls winner"
BEAN Benjamin Anstice LWLWLL = 2.0/6
BERA Ben Raine DWWLDL = 3.0/6
IVPE Ivan Petkov WLWLDW = 3.5/6
ETRO Ethan Rowe WLLWWD = 3.5/6
CAWI Callum Willsher WLLLWL = 2.0/6
RARA Rachael Raine LLLLLB = 1.0/6
MAME Manasi Mehta LLWLWW = 3.0/6 "U12 Girls winner"
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar WWWLWW = 5.0/6
ALDY Alexander Dytrych WWWWDW = 5.5/6 "U9 Boys winner"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWWWW = 6.0/6 "U8 Boys Winner"
LUGI Luca Gillespie WWWWLW = 5.0/6
SACH Samantha Childs WLLDWL = 2.5/6
KICH Kimberly Childs WLWLLW = 3.0/6
CACA Cameron Carlisle WWLWWW = 5.0/6 "U7 Boys Winner"

Well done to all who took part, and congratulations to Briony, Emily, Manasi, Alexander, Zak, and Cameron, who won their respective sections, and to Aneurin, Vignesh and Luca who scored at least 4 points; they have all qualified for the next stage of the competition, the Northern Gigafinal. Good luck!

Three of our members also participated in the West Anglia Megafinal earlier in May, having qualified through their school. Their scores were as follows:

BECO  Ben Cox                 LWWWWD = 4.5/6

TOCO Toby Cox LWLLWW = 3.0/6
LUCO Lucian Cox WWWDWD = 5.0/6

Congratulations to all three, and well done to Ben and Lucian who have qualified for the next stage, and will join our other members at the Northern Gigafinal.

2016 Northamptonshire Junior County Championships

Saturday, 6th February, 2016

Thirty of our members went along to the Northamptonshire Junior Chess Championships on Saturday in pursuit of the "County Champion" titles. Here are their results:

U18 (inc. U16/U14/U12)

ELRE Elliott Reed LWWWLL = 3.0/6
EMRO Emily Rowe LBLLLW = 2.0/6
BEAN Benjamin Anstice WLWLLW = 3.0/6
BERA Ben Raine DDDWWW = 4.5/6 "U14 Runner-Up"
IVPE Ivan Petkov DWLWLW = 3.5/6
BRMA Bryony Marsh WLWDLW = 3.5/6
ETRO Ethan Rowe WWWLWW = 5.0/6 "U14 Champion", "U18 Best Game"
JEMA Jenna Marsh LWLLWW = 3.0/6
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly WLLWLL = 2.0/6
BECO Ben Cox WWWLLW = 4.0/6
MAME Manasi Mehta WLLWWW = 4.0/6 "U12 Champion", "U14 Girls Champion"
RYCH Ryan Chew DDWLLW = 3.0/6
EUMA Euan Marsh LLLBWL = 2.0/6
RARA Rachael Raine LWLLBL = 2.0/6
ABRO Abigail Rowe LLBWLW = 3.0/6 "U12 Girls Champion"
CAWI Callum Willsher BWLWLL = 3.0/6 "U12 Runner-Up"

U11 (inc. U10)
TOCO Toby Cox DWWWLW = 4.5/6
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar WWDWWW = 5.5/6 "U11 Champion"
LEGU Leofin Gunaseelan WLLLWW = 3.0/6
KIMA Kathryn Marsh WWLLDL = 2.5/6
LUMI Luke Miller BLWWLW = 4.0/6
SAOR Saoirse O'Reilly LLLLWL = 1.0/6

U9 (inc. U8/U7)
SACH Samantha Childs BLLWWW = 4.0/6 "U9 Girls Champion"
ALDY Alexander Dytrych WWWWWL = 5.0/6 "U9 Champion"
LUGI Luca Gillespie WWWWLW = 5.0/6 "U8 Champion"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWLLW = 4.0/6
LUCO Lucian Cox WWLWDW = 4.5/6
ABMI Abigail Miller LLLLLB = 1.0/6
KICH Kimberly Childs WWLWLL = 3.0/6
CACA Cameron Carlisle LWWWLW = 4.0/6

The U18 section was particularly dramatic, with several surprise results, showing that some of our emerging talent can truly compete against some well-established and competent opposition!

Well done to all of them, especially Ethan, Manasi, Abigail, Vignesh, Samantha, and Luca, our six champions!

12th Northants Christmas Congress

Sunday, 20th December, 2015

Today, twenty-two of our members attended the second NSCA tournament of the chess season, the 12th Northants Christmas Congress. Here are their results:


BERA Ben Raine WWWWD = 4.5/5 "U14 Winner"
BECO Ben Cox WLWWW = 4.0/5
JEMA Jenna Marsh LDWWW = 3.5/5 "U14 Best Girl"
CAWI Callum Willsher WWLLW = 3.0/5
ETRO Ethan Rowe LWWWL = 3.0/5
FIGU Fiona Gunaseelan LWWLW = 3.0/5
BRMA Bryony Marsh DWWLL = 2.5/5
MAME Manasi Mehta WWLLL = 2.0/5
JAWI James Willis LDLLB = 1.5/5
EUMA Euan Marsh LLWLL = 1.0/5
ABRO Abigail Rowe LLBLL = 1.0/5

VISU Vignesh Sudhakar WWWWD = 4.5/5 "U11 Runner-Up"
LUMI Luke Miller WLLWL = 2.0/5
KIMA Kathryn Marsh WLLWL = 2.0/5
TOCO Toby Cox LLWLW = 2.0/5
LEGU Leofin Gunaseelan LLLBW = 2.0/5

ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWWL = 4.0/5 "U8 Winner", "U9 Runner-Up"
LUGI Luca Gillespie WWLWW = 4.0/5
LUCO Lucian Cox WWLWW = 4.0/5
CACA Cameron Carlisle WLLWW = 3.0/5
ABMI Abigail Miller LLLBW = 2.0/5 "U9 Best Girl"
SACH Samantha Childs DLWLL = 1.5/5

Some great results, including six scores of 80%+, and lots of extra points added to the Grand Prix running totals. Well done, everyone!

We hope everyone has a great Christmas break and we're looking forward to a great 2016!

36th Northamptonshire Congress

Sunday, 15th November, 2015

On Sunday, twenty-six of our members (plus one ex-member!) attended the first NSCA tournament of the chess season, the 36th Northamptonshire Congress. Here are their results:


BERA Ben Raine WWWDLW = 4.5/6 "U18 Runner-Up"
CAWI Callum Willsher LDWWWW = 4.5/6 "U14 Winner"
BRMA Bryony Marsh LWWLWW = 4.0/6 "U18 Best Girl"
ETRO Ethan Rowe WLWWLW = 4.0/6 "U14 Runner-Up"
BECO Ben Cox WWLWWL = 4.0/6
MAME Manasi Mehta WWLWLL = 3.0/6 "U12 Joint Winner", "U12 Best Girl"
RYCH Ryan Chew LWWLWL = 3.0/6 "U12 Joint Winner"
JEMA Jenna Marsh WLLWWL = 3.0/6
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly LLWLWW = 3.0/6
ABRO Abigail Rowe LLBLDW = 2.5/6 "U18 Best Game"
EMRO Emily Rowe WLLWLL = 2.0/6
BEAN Benjamin Anstice LWLLLB = 2.0/6
EUMA Euan Marsh LBLWLL = 2.0/6
Rachael Raine BLLLLW = 2.0/6
JAWI James Willis LLLBDL = 1.5/6

TOCO Toby Cox WWWDWW = 5.5/6 "U11 Winner"
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar LWWWWL = 4.0/6
LEGU Leofin Gunaseelan WLLWWW = 4.0/6
SAOR Saoirse O'Reilly LLLWWW = 3.0/6 "U11 Slow Starter"
JOJE John Jesu LWLWLW = 3.0/6
LUMI Luke Miller LWLWLL = 2.0/6
KIMA Kathryn Marsh LDWLLL = 1.5/6

ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWWWW = 6.0/6 "U9 Winner"
LUCO Lucian Cox WWWWWL = 5.0/6 "U8 Winner", "U9 Runner-Up"
LUGI Luca Gillespie WWWWLW = 5.0/6
CACA Cameron Carlisle WDLWWW = 4.5/6
SACH Samantha Childs WLWLDL = 2.5/6 "U9 Best Girl"

An excellent set of results, with lots of high scores in the U18 section despite many of our members having to play against each other due to the high proportion of our members in that section.

A special congratulations to Zak Gillespie, who scored a perfect 6/6 in the U9 section!

Well done to all our members who attended; the standard of play was very good indeed, and we look forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes!

NJCC 2015 Club Championship

Sunday, 18th October, 2015

Today was our fifth annual Club Championship; twenty-four of our members came along to test their skills against each other in a Swiss Draw tournament.

Here's a breakdown of the results:

BRMA  Bryony Marsh       WWLWWW = 5.0/6   =1st/24 (1/2) "Club Champion"

TOCO Toby Cox WWWWLW = 5.0/6 =1st/24 (2/2) "U11 Champion" & "Grading Performance Award #1"
CAWI Callum Willsher WLWWLW = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (1/7) "U12 Champion" & "Best Game #2"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWLWL = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (2/7) "U8 Champion"
BERA Ben Raine WWDDWL = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (3/7) "U14 Champion"
RYCH Ryan Chew WWLLWW = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (4/7)
JEMA Jenna Marsh WLWWWL = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (5/7) "U13 Champion"
BEAN Benjamin Anstice LWLWWW = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (6/7) "Grading Performance Award #3"
LUGI Luca Gillespie LWWLWW = 4.0/6 =3rd/24 (7/7) "Best Game #2"
ETRO Ethan Rowe WLWDLW = 3.5/6 =10th/24 (1/2)
IVPE Ivan Petkov WWDLLW = 3.5/6 =10th/24 (2/2)
MAME Manasi Mehta LWWWLL = 3.0/6 =12th/24 (1/4) "Best Game #1"
BECO Ben Cox WLLWWL = 3.0/6 =12th/24 (2/4) "Best Game #1"
EMRO Emily Rowe LWLWLW = 3.0/6 =12th/24 (3/4) "U15 Champion"
ABRO Abigail Rowe LLWWLW = 3.0/6 =12th/24 (4/4) "Late Starter Award"
LUMI Luke Miller WLDLWL = 2.5/6 =16th/24 (1/2) "U10 Champion" & "Grading Performance Award #2"
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly WLDLWL = 2.5/6 =16th/24 (2/2)
EUMA Euan Marsh LWLWLL = 2.0/6 =18th/24 (1/3)
AGMA Agatha Mann LWLLWL = 2.0/6 =18th/24 (2/3)
LUCO Lucian Cox LLWLLW = 2.0/6 =18th/24 (3/3)
JOJE John Jesu LLWLLD = 1.5/6 21st/24
JAWI James Willis LLLWLL = 1.0/6 =22nd/24 (1/2)
CACA Cameron Carlisle LLLLDD = 1.0/6 =22nd/24 (2/2)
SACH Samantha Childs LLLLDL = 0.5/6 24th/24 "U9 Champion"

Note that those with equal scores are also ranked according to tie-breaker scores.

Congratulations to Bryony Marsh, our new Club Champion for 2015, and to all our age-group Champions too.

The "Grading Performance Awards" were awarded to the three players who, to over-simplify somewhat, played (statistically) at a stronger level than usual, by the largest margin. The "Late Starter Award" went to a player who, despite initial setbacks, kept trying hard and did very well in their later games. The "Best Game Awards" were awarded for particularly interesting and well-played games, as judged by our club leader Ian who was monitoring the play.

A huge thank you to Cedar Road Primary School (particularly Kay and Ian) for providing such a great venue for the fifth time running. Also, many thanks to Barbara, David, Dimple, Suzanne, Gareth and other parents for their assistance with administration, refreshments and general supervision.

SSAFA Championships 2015

Saturday, 20th June, 2015

Today, twenty-three of our members took part in a very well supported SSAFA Championships - so well supported, in fact, that the event had to be relocated to a bigger venue! Here are the results for our members:

U18 (inc. U16/U14/U12)

WILE Will Lee LWLLLB = 2.0/6
BRTO Briony Tomkins LWWDLL = 2.5/6
ELRE Elliott Reed WLWDWL = 3.5/6
EMRO Emily Rowe LLWLBL = 2.0/6
ANTO Aneurin Tomkins LWLWLW = 3.0/6
BRMA Bryony Marsh WLWLWW = 4.0/6 "U14 Runner-Up", "U14 Best Girl"
BERA Ben Raine WLWDLW = 3.5/6
IVPE Ivan Petkov LLLBWL = 2.0/6
ETRO Ethan Rowe BWLWLW = 4.0/6 "U14 Winner"
BECO Ben Cox LBLWWL = 3.0/6 "U12 Winner"
JEMA Jenna Marsh WLLWLL = 2.0/6 "U12 Runner-Up", "U12 Best Girl"

U11 (inc. U10)
RYCH Ryan Chew WWLWWW = 5.0/6 "U11 Runner-Up"
CAWI Callum Willsher WLWLLW = 3.0/6
EUMA Euan Marsh LLWWLW = 3.0/6
RARA Rachael Raine LWLLLW = 2.0/6
ABRO Abigail Rowe WLWLLW = 3.0/6
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar LWWWDW = 4.5/6
TOCO Toby Cox WLWWLD = 3.5/6

U9 (inc. U8/U7)
LUMI Luke Miller WLWLLW = 3.0/6
KIMA Kathryn Marsh WLLDWL = 2.5/6
LUGI Luca Gillespie WWLLWL = 3.0/6
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WLWWWW = 5.0/6 "U8 Winner"
LUCO Lucian Cox WLWLLW = 3.0/6

Congratulations to all of them for some great results and some great chess!

Running alongside the individual competition was the school teams competition; this is decided by taking the best four results from all members of the school, and adding them up to give the score for the team.

Once again, the Home Educated U9 team (including Zak, Luca and Kitty from our club) were Runners-Up in the U9 Team competition.

This tournament was also the fourth and final event of the "NSCA Grand Prix" for this season, and prizes were awarded based on the aggregate scores across all four events. Our members picked up the following prizes:

U14 Winner: Ben Raine

U14 Runner-Up: Bryony Marsh
U12 Winner: Ethan Rowe
U12 Runner-Up: Jenna Marsh
U11 Winner: Ryan Chew
U10 Runner-Up: Vignesh Sudhakar
U7 Winner: Zak Gillespie
U7 Runner-Up: Luca Gillespie

A fantastic achievement, well-deserved for their commitment and consistency throughout the year.

2015 Northamptonshire Junior County Championships

Saturday, 7th February, 2015

Once again a record turnout from our club, twenty-five of our members went along to the Northamptonshire Junior Chess Championships today in pursuit of the "County Champion" titles. Here are their results:

U18 (inc. U16/U14/U12)

WILE Will Lee LWLLLW = 2.0/6
BRTO Briony Tomkins WWLLWL = 3.0/6
EVRE Eva Ressel WWWWLD = 4.5/6 "U16 Champion"
ELRE Elliott Reed LWLWWW = 4.0/6
ANTO Aneurin Tomkins WLWLLW = 3.0/6
AGMA Agatha Mann LBLLWL = 2.0/6
EMRO Emily Rowe LLLBLL = 1.0/6
BERA Ben Raine WWLWL- = 3.0/5
PEMO Peter Mottram-Epson DLWWWW = 4.5/6 "U14 Champion"
ALMO Alastair Mottram-Epson WLWWLL = 3.0/6
BRMA Bryony Marsh LWWLLL = 2.0/6
ETRO Ethan Rowe WLWLWW = 4.0/6 "U12 Champion"
JEMA Jenna Marsh LWLWWW = 4.0/6 "U14 Girls Champion", "U14 Runner-Up"
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly LLBLWL = 2.0/6
FIGU Fiona Gunaseelan BLLLLL = 1.0/6

U11 (inc. U10)
RYCH Ryan Chew WWWLLW = 4.0/6
CAWI Callum Willsher LWLWWW = 4.0/6
RARA Rachael Raine WLWDWW = 4.5/6 "U11 Girls Champion"
EUMA Euan Marsh LWWLLW = 3.0/6
ABRO Abigail Rowe LLWWLW = 3.0/6
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar WWWWLD = 4.5/6 "U10 Runner-Up"

U9 (inc. U8/U7)
LUMI Luke Miller WLWLLW = 3.0/6
LEGU Leofin Gunaseelan LWLDWL = 2.5/6
LUGI Luca Gillespie WLWWLW = 4.0/6 "Joint U7 Champion"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WLWWLW = 4.0/6 "Joint U7 Champion"

Well done to all of them, particularly Eva, Peter, Ethan, Jenna, Rachael, Luca, and Zak, our seven champions!

Running alongside the individual competition was the school teams competition; this is decided by taking the best four results from all members of the school, and adding them up to give the score for the team.

This year, the Home Educated U9 team (including Luca and Zak from our club) were Runners-Up in the U9 Team competition.

As well as excellent results across the board, of which we are immensely proud, there were a couple of displays of sportsmanship from our members today that were truly exceptional, and their willingness to put personal gain aside in favour of fairness makes us feel privileged to have them associated with our club.

Northern Junior Chess Championships

Sunday, 1st February, 2015

This weekend saw six of our members - and one former member - travel to Leeds for the Northern Junior Chess Championships. It is not often that a group of our members travel this far afield to regional or national competitions, but the results at this competition will certainly help encourage more of this in the future! Here are the results:


EVRE Eva Ressel WWWLW = 4.0/5 "U16 Runner Up"

BERA Ben Raine LWWWW = 4.0/5 "U14 = Winner"
BRMA Bryony Marsh LLWWL = 2.0/5 "U14 Best Girl"

ETRO Ethan Rowe WLWLW = 3.0/5
HOJA Holly Jacobson WWLLL = 2.0/5 "U12 Manchester Winner"

LUGI Luca Gillespie BWLWW = 4.0/5 "U8 Runner Up"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WLLWW = 3.0/5

Well done to them all!

11th Northants Christmas Congress

Sunday, 28th December, 2014

Fifteen of our members attended the NSCA Christmas Congress this year; here are their results:


BERA Ben Raine WWLWL = 3.0/5
BRMA Bryony Marsh LWLLW = 2.0/5 "U14 = Best Girl"
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly LWWLW = 3.0/5
EMRA Emily Raine LLLLL = 0.0/5
EMRO Emily Rowe LLWLL = 1.0/5
ETRO Ethan Rowe WWLLL = 2.0/5
JEMA Jenna Marsh WLLWL = 2.0/5 "U14 = Best Girl"

ABRO Abigail Rowe LLLWL = 1.0/5
CAWI Callum Willsher WLWWW = 4.0/5 "U11 = Runner-Up"
EUMA Euan Marsh LLWWL = 2.0/5
RARA Rachael Raine LLWLW = 2.0/5
RYCH Ryan Chew WWWWW = 5.0/5 "U11 Winner", "U11 Best Game"
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar LWLLW = 2.0/5

LUGI Luca Gillespie WWDWL = 3.5/5 "U7 Winner"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie WWWLW = 4.0/5 "U8 Winner", "U9 Best Game"

Some great results, including full points for Ryan, and two winner trophies for two of our youngest members, the Gillespie twins!

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