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World Schools Championships

Friday, 25th May, 2018

Congratulations to Max for being selected to represent England at the World Schools Chess Championships 2018, held in Albania at the end of April. Max scored a very creditable 4/9 in the Under 15 section.

2018 Northamptonshire Junior County Championships

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

Many NJCC members participated in the 2018 Northamptonshire Junior Chess Championships on 17th February. Several of them were successful in winning prizes, with 7 of the 9 overall county titles being won by club members, namely:

Under 7 Champion : Kasia
Under 9 Champion : Mihir
Under 10 Champion: Alexander
Under 12 Champion: Krishna
Under 14 Champion: Toby
Under 16 Champion: Ethan R
Under 18 Champion: Ben R

Other prize winners were:

Under 8 Runner-up: David R
Under 11 Best Girl: Samantha
Under 12 Runner-up: Lucian
Under 14 Best Girl: Manasi
Under 14 Runner-up: Max
Under 16 Runner-Up: Ben C

Congratulations to all the prize winners.

There was some great chess played by other club members. Their scores were were: Cameron 4/6 (Under 9), Kimberly 3.5/6 (Under 10), Ollie 4/6 (under 10), Jessica R 1/6 (under 12), Luke 2/6 (Under 12), and Elijah 2/6 (Under 16).

National squad half-norms

Wednesday, 7th February, 2018

Max achieved his second "half-norm" in the Under 16 section of the recent English Closed Championships at Yateley Manor. As a result of this, he has now been invited into the National Chess Junior squad.

For Under 11s, second half-norms were also achieved by Alexander at the South of England Championship and by Lucian at the English Primary Schools Rapidplay Championships. This means that both have now qualified for the England U11 Squad trials to be held at the and of April.

Many congratulations to Max, Alexander, and Lucian.

2017 London Junior Chess Championships

Monday, 22nd January, 2018

During the Christmas period, Mihir, David, Alexander, Lucian, Toby, and Ben C. participated in the prestigious London Junior Chess Championships.

Their individual scores were:

Under 8: David 4.0/7

Under 10 (Minor): Mihir 5.0/7

Under 10 (Major): Alexander 5.0/7 and Lucian 4.0/7

Under 12 (Major): Lucian 4.5/9 and Alexander 4.0/9

Under 14: Toby 2.5/6

Under 16: Toby 4.0/6 and Ben C. 3.5/6

Well done to all of these players for such great scores in these very strong fields.

Northamptonshire Christmas Congress

Monday, 15th January, 2018

The 14th Northamptonshire Christmas Congress was held on 29th December, with several NJCC members competing. Special mention goes to both Adam and Charlotte, who were competing in their first ever tournament. Adam did particularly well, jointly winning the Under 8 section, whilst Charlotte scored a very respectable 2/5.

Congratulations also to prize winners Mihir, Samatha, Ethan R., Ben R., Krishna, and Luke.

The individual NJCC results in each section were as follow:

Mihir 4.0/5 "U9 Winner"
Adam H. 3.5/5 "U8 Joint Winner"
Cameron 2.0/5

Samantha 3.0/5 "U11 Best girl"
Charlotte 2.0/5
Kimberly 1.0/5

Max 4.0/5 "U14 Winner"
Ethan R. 3.5/5 "U16 Winner"
Ben R. 3.5/5 "U16 Runner-up"
Elijah 3.0/5
Manasi 3.0/5
Vignesh 3.0/5
Krishna 3.0/5 "U12 Winner"
Luke 3.0/5 "U12 Runner-up"
Saoirse 2.0/5
Jessica R. 1.0/5

2017 British Rapidplay Championships

Friday, 8th December, 2017

Several club members made the journey to Ilkley, Yorkshire, for the British Rapidplay Championships over the weekend of 18th and 19th November.

Saturday: Lucian, Alexander, and David played in the England U11 Qualifier. Lucian and Alexander both gained "half-norms" for the squad with scores of 3.5/5 and 3.0/5 respectively. David scored a very credible 2.0/5 despite his young age.

Sunday: Lucian and Vignesh played in the British Junior Rapidplay. Lucian scored 4.0/5, winning overall and becoming U16 Champion. Vignesh scored 3.0/5.

Saturday & Sunday: Meanwhile, Ben C., Ben R., Toby, and Max played in 10 rounds over two days in the Intermediate section (ECF grade below 146) of the Championships. The scores were Ben C. 6.5/10 (Grading prize winner), Ben R. 5.5/10, Max 4.5/10, and Toby 3.5/10. There were some great scores in this national tournament, with Ben R. narrowly missing out on achieving his second National Squad half-norm.

Special congratulations to Lucian and Alexander for achieving their first squad half-norms.

38th Northamptonshire Junior Congress

Thursday, 30th November, 2017

The first Northamptonshire Grand Prix event of this season, 38th Northamptonshire Junior Congress, took place on 4th November.

Mihir scored a prefect 6/6 in the U9 section. Meanwhile Ethan R. (U16) and Alexander (U11) continued their winning streak from the recent the Club championships, whilst David, Kasia, Samantha, Ben C., Max, and Manasi also collected prizes.

The individual NJCC results in each section were as follow:

Mihir 6.0/6 "U9 Winner"
David 4.5/6 "U8 Runner-up"
Pradyun 4.0/6
Cameron 4.0/6
Kasia 2.5/6 "U7 Runner-up"

Alexander 5.0/6 "U10 Winner"
Samantha 4.0/6 "U11 Best girl"
Ollie 3.5/6
Kimberly 3.0/6

Ethan R. 5.0/6 "U16 Winner"
Ben C. 4.5/6 "U16 Runner-up"
Max 4.5/6 "U14 Winner"
Manasi 4.5/6 "U14 Best girl"
Ryan 4.0/6
Ben R. 3.5/6
Vignesh 3.0/6
Krishna 3.0/6
Luke 3.0/6
Jessica R. 1.0/6

Well done to all.

NJCC 2017 Club Championship

Tuesday, 7th November, 2017

Congratulations to Ethan R. for winning the Club Championship Tournament on 7th October, becoming the first ever member to win the coveted trophy twice. It was very close at the top, with a third break criteria having to be used after the first two criteria could not separate Ethan R., Ben R., and Alexander (all on 5.0/6 points).

Age group champions were Ben R. (U16), Elijah (U15), Manasi (U14), Vignesh (U13), Krishna (U12), Abyan (U11), Alexander (U10), Mihir (U9), David (U8), and Kasia (U7).

Grading performance prizes (for those performances which were stronger than their normal rank) were awarded to Alexander, Ollie, Krishna, Edward, and Jessica R.

The individual results were as follow:

Ethan R. 5.0/6 "Club Champion"
Ben R. 5.0/6 "U16 winner"
Alexander 5.0/6 "U10 winner"
Krishna 4.5/6 "U12 winner"
Vignesh 4.0/6 "U13 winner"
Elijah 4.0/6 "U15 winner"
Leofin 4.0/6
Mihir 4.0/6 "U9 winner"
Manasi 4.0/6 "U14 winner"
Ryan 3.5/6
Ollie 3.0/6
Lucian 3.0/6
David 3.0/6 "U8 winner"
Pradyun 3.0/6
Abigail 3.0/6
John 3.0/6
Edward 3.0/6
Jessica 3.0/6
Abyan 3.0/6 "U11 winner"
Samantha 2.0/6
Saoirse 2.0/6
Ameen 2.0/6
Kimberly 2.0/6
Kasia 2.0/6 "U7 winner"
Abhiram 2.0/6
Ayana 1.0/6
Parvathi 1.0/6

Well done to everyone. Special thanks go to Ian M. for a special visit back to NJCC to run the tournament, and thanks to Barbara, Dominic, and David for their assistance.

English Rapidplay Championships

Monday, 9th October, 2017

Brothers Alexander and David Richards entered the junior sections of the inaugural English Rapidplay Chess Championship, held in Liverpool during September. Alexander scored 4/5 in the U10 section, sharing 2nd place. David came 2nd in the U8 section with a score of 8/9. Excellent results by both.

Gibraltar Junior International Festival

Tuesday, 29th August, 2017

During our August break, Ben C. travelled with the National Junior Chess Squad to Gibraltar for its Junior International Chess Festival.

In the tournament's warm-up Blitz Tournament Ben scored 3.0/5. In the main tournament played over the following days, he scored a very respectable 3.0/6 in the U16 section.

UK Chess Challenge - Terafinals

Monday, 21st August, 2017

At the Northern Gigafinal, Max and Mihir had previously qualified for the Challengers' section of the Terafinals. So on the weekend of 12th and 13th August they both travelled up the road to Daventry for the culmination of this year's UK Schools Chess Challenge. In these Terafinals there are no age sections - all ages between U8 and U18 play against each other.

Mihir (U8) scored a great 2.0/6, whilst Max (U13) scored a superb 3.5/6; with all of their losses coming only against older children.

Well done to both on their fantastic achievements.

2017 British Chess Championships

Friday, 11th August, 2017

It was great to see 7 members taking the journey to Llandudno to play in the British Chess Championships, where they faced some very strong competition.

The Richards brothers and Mihir competed in the weekend sections, whilst the Cox brothers and Max competed in the longer weekday tournaments.

The results were:

U8: David 2.0/6
U9: Mihir 3.0/6
U9: Alexander 5.0/6 "Joint 3rd Place"
U10: Lucian 3.0/7
U12: Toby 3.5/7
U14: Ben C. 2.5/7
U14: Max 2.5/7

Under 120 grade (weekend): Alexander 1.5/5
Under 140 grade (weekday): Max 2.0/5

Well done to all for scoring wins at such a competitive event.

UK Chess Challenge - Gigafinals

Wednesday, 26th July, 2017

There were some great performances by NJCC members at the recent Gigafinals of the UK Schools Chess Challenge.

U7: David 3.0/6
U8: Mihir 4.5/6 "Joint 3rd Place"
U9: Alexander 4.0/6
U9: Lucian 4.0/6
U9: Ollie 3.0/6
U11: Leo 2.0/6
U11: Luke 3.0/6
U11: Krishna 3.5/6
U12: Toby 4.5/6
U12: Vignesh 3.0/6
U13: Max 5.0/6 "Joint 2nd Place"
U14: Ben C. 3.5/6
U14: Ram 2.5/6

Special congratulations to those competing in their first Gigafinal, and Mihir and Max for qualifiying to the Challengers' event at the Terafinal.

UK Chess Challenge - Megafinals

Tuesday, 13th June, 2017

Many members of the club were in action at a couple of the recent Megafinals for the UK Schools Chess Challenge.

A summary of the results are:

Northamptonshire & Leicestershire Megafinal:

U15 Ben Anstice 0.5/6
U15 Ben Raine 3.0/6
U14 Ethan Rowe 3.0/6
U13 Ryan Chew 2.5/6
U13 Max Miller 5.5/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U13 James Willis 3.0/6
U13 Callum Willsher 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U13 Manasi Mehta 3.5/6 "Suprema", "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U13 Abigal Rowe 2.0/6
U12 Samia Sheikh 3.5/6 "Suprema", "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U12 John Jesu 0.5/6
U12 Vignesh Sudhakar 3.0/6
U11 Jessica Rowe 2.0/6
U11 Leo Gunaseelan 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U11 Luke Miller 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U11 Krishna Srinivasan 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U10 Samantha Childs 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U9 Kimberly Childs 3.0/6
U9 Alexander Richards 6.0/6 "Supremo", "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U8 Cameron Carlisle 4.5/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U8 Mihir Sharma 4.5/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U8 Pradyun Srikakolapu 3.5/6
U7 David Richards 5.5/6 "Supremo", "Qualified for Gigafinal"

West Anglia Megafinal:

U14 Ben Cox 4.5/6 "Supremo", "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U14 Ram Dinakar 3.5/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U12 Toby Cox 5.5/6 "Supremo", "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U9 Lucian Cox 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"
U9 Ollie Higgins 4.0/6 "Qualified for Gigafinal"

Well done to everyone, and congratulations to all those who have progressed to the Gigafinals.

j4NCL Tournament - April 2017

Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017

A team from NJCC participated in the final j4NCL tournament of the season at Solihull on 22nd & 23rd April.

The team were entered in Division 1 and with only 2 Kings playing (Max and Toby), the 3 Queens in the team (Vignesh, Lucian, and Ram) faced some very tough games.
So it was great to see these bottom boards stepping up so well to the challenge and recording several individual wins and draws.

In summary, the team won one match, drew one, and lost three.

National Junior Squad Championship

Monday, 17th April, 2017

Ben C., Toby, and Lucian played in the National Chess Junior Squad Championships at Wokefield Park over the weekend of 8th and 9th April.

Lucian scored 2.0/5 in the Under 10 Championship.

Toby scored 3.0/5 in the Under 12 section, winning both a grading prize and securing a "half-norm" for the National Junior Squad.
This was Toby's second half-norm, so he has now been invited to join the Squad.

Ben also scored 3.0/5 in the Under 14 section. He won prizes for both joint 4th place and the grading prize, as well as his third half-norm of the season.

Warwick Junior Open

Saturday, 15th April, 2017

New club members Alexander and David Richards played in the Warwick Junior Open on 8th April. This tournament was for those under the age of 11, with sections organised according to ability.

In the top A section, Alexander came 3rd with a score of 3.5/5. David scored 3.0/5 in the E section.

Well done to both Alexander and David.

St Albans Chess Congess

Monday, 10th April, 2017

Max, Toby, and Lucian played in the St Albans Chess Congress on 1st and 2nd April.

Max scored a superb 3.5/5 in the Major (U161) section and won the grading prize.

Toby scored 2.0/5 in the Intermediate (U141) section, whilst Lucian scored 1.0/5 in the Minor (U121) section.

Great result Max!

Leicestershire junior congress

Thursday, 9th March, 2017

Last Sunday, ten of our members competed in the Leicestershire junior congress. All ten took part in the very tough ‘open’ section where over a quarter of the 51 competitors were graded over 100. Our results were:

MAMI  Max Miller          4.5/6 

BERA Ben Raine 4.5/6 "U18 2nd place"
SSHE Samia Shiekh 4.0/6
KRSR Krishna Srinivasan 3.5/6 "U11 2nd place"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie 3.0/6 "U9 1st place"
MAME Manasi Mehta 3.0/6
IVPE Ivan Petkov 3.0/6
LUGI Luca Gillespie 3.0/6 "U9 2nd place"
MISH Mihir Sharma 2.0/6
CAWI Callum Willsher 2.0/6

Well done to all, but special mentions must go to Max and Samia whose only losses were to players graded 154 and 165!

You can find full the crosstable here.

2017 Northamptonshire Junior County Championships

Wednesday, 1st March, 2017

We had our largest ever entry to an external tournament (33 members) to the Northamptonshire County Championships at Wellingborough School on 18th February.

A summary of the results is as follows:


MAMI Max Miller 5.0/6 "U14 winner"
ETRO Ethan Rowe 4.5/6 "U14 runner-up"
BERA Ben Raine 4.5/6 "U16 winner"
RADI Ramprasad Dinakar 4.0/6
JEMA Jenna Marsh 4.0/6 "U14 best girl"
RYCH Ryan Chew 3.5/6
BECO Ben Cox 3.5/6
SSHE Samia Shiekh 3.5/6 "U12 winner"
IVPE Ivan Petkov 3.5/6
EMRO Emily Rowe 3.5/6
VISU Vignesh Sudhakar 3.0/6 "U12 runner-up"
ELOR Elijah O'Reilly 3.0/6
EUMA Euan Marsh 3.0/6
CAWI Callum Willsher 3.0/6
BEAN Benjamin Antice 2.5/6
ABRO Abigail Rowe 2.0/6
JAWI James Willis 2.0/6
MAME Manasi Mehta 1.5/6
SASH Sarayu Shankar 1.0/6

KRSR Krishna Srinivasan 5.5/6 "U11 winner"
LUCO Lucian Cox 5.0/6
SACH Samantha Childs 4.5/6 "U11 best girl"
LEGU Leofin Gunaseelan 4.0/6
LUMI Luke Miller 3.0/6
SAOR Saoirse O’Reilly 3.0/6
JERO Jessica Rowe 2.5/6
SSHA Sarang Shankar 2.0/6

LUGI Luca Gillespie 5.0/6 "U9 runner-up"
ZAGI Zak Gillespie 5.0/6
KICH Kimberly Childs 4.0/6 "U9 best girl"
MISH Mihir Sharma 4.0/6 "U8 winner"
PRSR Pradyun Srikakolapu 3.5/6
CACA Cameron Carlisle 2.0/4

Well done to all members; with special congratulations to the prize winners.

(At the same weekend, Toby Cox played in the West of England Championships, scoring 3.5/6 in the U12 Championship section.)

Nottingham Rapidplay and Yateley tournaments

Thursday, 9th February, 2017

In the last weekend of January, 8 members competed in external tournaments at Nottingham and Yateley.

In the Intermediate (U135) section of Nottingham Rapidplay, Ben R. scored a great 3/6 whilst Krishna score 1/6 in a high standard section.
In the Minor (U110) section, brothers Zak and Luca scored 2/6 and 1/6 respectively.

Meanwhile at Yateley, Lucian scored 3/6 in the U9 section of the South of England Championships.

Also at Yateley, 3 members (Max, Ben C., and Toby) competed in the English Junior Closed Championship (only for England Junior Squad members or others with "half-norms").
Toby scored 1.5/5 in U12 section, whilst in the U14 section Max scored 1.5/5 and Ben 2.5/5. Ben secured his 2nd half-norm and so qualified for the England Junior Squad.

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