Thursday, 28th May, 2020

Useful Links

Chess Organisations
English Chess Federation
Northamptonshire Schools' Chess Association
ChessMates chess club (Northampton)
Four Nations Chess League (including the J4NCL)

General Resources
Very popular and extensive site, with lots of content - some free, some subscription-only.
Sister site to, specifically designed for children - again, part free, part subscription-only.
Online database of chess games.
English Chess Federation's national grading database
Training site - part free, part subscription-only.
Training resources, all free!

Chess News/Blogs
Tim, one of our coaches, has his own chess blog.
The Week in Chess
About NJCC

Northampton Junior Chess Club provides a place for young chess players to meet, socialise, and play chess; all levels of playing ability welcome.

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Coaching and training are available, and mentors (aged 16-17) and coaches (aged 18+) are welcome to join the club too.

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For information on how to contact us, see our Contact Page